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Jason's Lyric - 1994 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
7815 SO YOU MAN ENOUGH TO ROB A bank? (full quote)
11550 When the sun next leaves footprints across the sky! (full quote)
  It was Joshua man, it was Joshua! He shot Lyric then he shot himself! (full quote)
  Say nigga how's ya ass (full quote)
  so what did you and Jason do? he took me to the bayou the bayou marti he laid me down and oh rubbed my ass so gently lyric, you done made love (full quote)
  You found quiet in a world full of thunder. I got no choice but to listen to it. (full quote)
  Gangster? I ain't no gangster. I sell TVs. I eat chicken, all day long, cause my momma works at Frenchies. Now I ask you, is that the life of a gangster? (full quote)
  It's not the climbin. It's the fallin that's got me bothered. (full quote)
  I love u man (full quote)
  Throw this motherfucker out with the rest of the shit. (full quote)
  I ain't never really watched the sun set before. (full quote)
  Walk away Jason.. or we can't be together. (full quote)