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Jerky Boys, The - 1995 Movie Quotes

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  Ernie, ernie, are you trying to make me feel funny in the pants? Don't spit up my ass and tell me it's raining, tough guy. Why, you're angering me--I outta split your f**cking nuts from your head to the back of your ass! (full quote)
16100 Oh were you after me sweetypants??, why dont you climb up here and I'll throw you off into a Fucken sthailor dive, then we can go down into the water, and I'll rub seeweed all over you ass and your back and shit, we'll have a great time. (full quote)
16100 1. I'll have two Bob Burgers and two side orders of frizzy fries please. 2. OK then hot spicy lamby nipple chops with sour sauce on them. (full quote)
16100 1. What would you guys do??. 2. Well I'd grab him, take him out back and tie him to a fucken tree, get one of those tennis ball machines and start firing boiled potatoes up his ass till his face turns blue. 1. Thats the sickest thing I ever heard, I love it!. (full quote)
16100 1. My mom came home the other night and she poured hot grease over my ass , my back and my genitals, and then my shoes fell off. 2. What has that got to do with anything?? 1. Cause I cant see Dammit!! (full quote)
16100 So he's just lying there and he's got blood coming out of his eyesockets, and his wife is screamin out, Im gonna get you Tony Scarbone. So then I turn to him and I say , I feel sorry for you, you gotta come home to that yappin mouth. (full quote)
16100 1. Wasnt there a Frank Rizzo involved in that Scarcella family shooting a ways back?? 2. Yeh, yeh, there was this guy dressed up as a clown, and he's jumping round doing backflips, and screamin like a chicken, and throwing knives, and when the smoke cleared they had to scrape the Scarcella family off the walls with a spatula 1. I never liked clowns (full quote)
  open that toolbox wide i'm gonna stick some bologna in it. Rinaldo? Rinaldo is that you? Come on in here i shaved some dogs (full quote)
38044 The Fucking Monkeys?!?! (full quote)
  Ok, spicy lamby nipple chops with minty pickle sour sauce! (full quote)
  One time the doctor put me under and when i woke up i had a huge red shanker on my ass. The doctor must have been touching my ass or something. When I was a kid, i used to play around with these pink pigs and they would always kick me right up inside my ass. Do you think this could have given me this problem? Sir I dont know? Ohhhh!lady this is tearing the ass out of me. (full quote)