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Killing Zoe - 1994 Movie Quotes

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  That's captain America baby (full quote)
  sous mah tope, dr seuss, mah tope (full quote)
7601 200 bucks and I can't pee on you? (full quote)
  what time is it? * Daytime. (full quote)
19000 CAB DRIVER Well, if you need a wife for the night... Une escorte. Pour vous faire visiter... For business. I give you my number. Very nice girl. French. Like when you were young. (full quote)
19000 ZED How do you know I'm a good person? ZOEY body language. We fit together. ZED All men and women fit together. Hell, even some men fit together. (full quote)
19000 ZED Zoey. I'm sorry for calling you a prostitute. I didn't understand the difference. ZOEY The difference is a prostitute would have lied to you about her orgasm. (full quote)
19000 ZED Okay, let me take a shower. ERIC No, in Paris it's good to smell like you've been fucking. It will make them respect you. (full quote)