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Little Big League - 1994 Movie Quotes

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3923 Put me in coach I can throw strikes. (full quote)
3923 I piss on Jed Clampett. (full quote)
6034 I heat the ice up, and voila! Hot ice! It's the best of both worlds! (full quote)
  This isn't a quote, but the one about the ice isn't from Little Big League. It's from Rookie of the Year. (full quote)
  Shoulda started Webman (full quote)
19423 You ever heard of CERTS?! (full quote)
  Of course my diminutivce leader, long have I been familiar with the exactitudes of the mathematical world, and Mac, the horses name is Friday. (full quote)
  1)Of course you got it done, this is the same volcano you turned in to Mrs. Dugard last year. 2)No way this is toatally different, that was mount Vesuvius, this is mount St. Helens, look I added all these trees. 3) oh yeah I didn't even notice. Is that a spruce? (full quote)
  So what's that make your wife? Fat (full quote)
  George: you've got it all wrong mack i don't have to answer to you im the manager of this ball club, you don't like the way i treat the pitchers feel free to take a walk Mack: FINE George: FINE Mack: FINE George: FINE Mack: Joe call my wife will ya, tell her im gonna be late, im goin for a walk... a long walk! George: yeah go ahead who cares?! hey mack there are pleanty of pitching coaches around this league, pleanty of em. and guess what some of them actually fit in their uniforms, you fat slob Scales: HAAHAHAHA George: you think thats funny scales? lemme tell you what i think is funny the thing that you call a swing! now you better start hitting kid or you're going right back down to AAA got that? and that goes for the rest of you clowns who call yourselves a god damn baseball team! you're gonna kill me hamilton your gonna kill me(DOOR SLAM) Tucker Kain: What do ya think? Lonnie: I've got to give it a six, you know that door slam was kinda weak (full quote)
  MACK: what happened to the scouting reports? what happened to off speed and away? McGREAVY: i don't know mack it slipped my mind MACK: you're a freakin pre madonna mcgreavy you don't deserve to wear that uniform McGREAVY: you're right mack im a disgrace to the twins, i think you should trade me MACK: as soon as we find somebody dim enough to take ya thats exactly what we're gonna do HEYWOOD: no it's not McGREAVY: then what are you gonna do bench me? HEYWOOD: nope, play you when it's your turn to pitch, you pitch nothing changes McGREAVY: i don't know if that's such a good idea, i tend to forget those scouting reports HEYWOOD: well that's your decision, hey mack whats the going rate for an absent wanted pitcher who can't get anybody out? (full quote)
  You talk when we tell you to talk (full quote)
  1)I was playing rookie ball down in Venezuela, and everyone of them kids was speakin spanish, and that's a hard language. 2)They speak spanish in venezuela. 1)I know that's my point. (full quote)
  1) 3 feet to the left 2)Bombs Away!! 1)William you must allow for the wind factor it is vital. (full quote)
  -I don't know man,kids today are amazing! I went to Venezula and and kids half his age were speaking spanish-that is a hard language! Uh, they speak Spanish in Venezula I know man, that's my point! (full quote)
readyfreddy 1)Maybe this isn't even fishing 2)Whadaya mean? 1)Well, maybe its not actually fishing until you catch something 3)Then, what are we doing? (full quote)
readyfreddy 1)Maybe this isn't even fishing 2)Whadaya mean? 1)Well, maybe its not actually fishing until you catch something 3)Then, what are we doing? (full quote)
  i swear i had nothing to do with this(bowser said that) (full quote)
38457 1)Do you think in his whole life, Batman ever ate at McDonalds or KFC? 2)The caped crusader does not eat fast food 1)How do you know he might 3)Think about it he gets a call from Commisioner Gordon, but he's really hungry, what else is he gonna do? 1)Man, I'd hate to be the guy behind the Batmobile in the drive-thru, when batman steps on the gas and flames shoot out... (full quote)
38457 You think I'd miss my chance to ride the Thundering Frog? (full quote)
38457 It wouldn't look good, me snubbing an invite to the bosses big party. (full quote)
  Bowers: Oh this is to easy. His heads so big it's not even funny. (full quote)
  on behalf of the entire apache nation we accept this olive branch of peace (full quote)
  Bowers: That William, I can not strees this enough, you've got to allow for the wind factor, it's vital, you understand. Kahne: wait a minute, wait a minute, McGrevey 1:00, thank you, thank you so much Bowers: Oh thats too easy, his head's so big it's not even fair Billy: Need one Bowers: Give it 3 feet to the left Billy: Bombs away (splat) Everyone: ohh yes yes yes yes McGrevey: BOWERS, I know its you buddy, I know its you (full quote)
  GROWN UPS JUST SCREW UP (full quote)
bball4life6 is that supposed to make me feel good.. i tell my wife that i'm being realeased but itsok because jimmy likes mybaseball card? (full quote)