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Low Down Dirty Shame, A - 1994 Movie Quotes

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  How come everytime I get a chance to touch you, you all bloody and bruised. (full quote)
10929 Calm down! It's not blood, just wine. (full quote)
10929 Salt-N-Pepa must had a garage sale. (full quote)
10929 Tell 'em you're friends with Al Sharpton. (full quote)
10929 Black Power! Black Power! (full quote)
Boomstick 1.) Just tell me you're gonna smoke him. 2.) Like a motherfuckin'pack of Kools. (full quote)
Boomstick 1.) Just tell me you're gonna smoke him. 2.) Like a motherfuckin' pack of Kools. (full quote)
46065 Shame might be soft on you, but I can see through all that Maybelline. And you ain't nothin' but a gold-diggin' skank, tryin' to get a man for all he's worth. You hurt Shame again, you betta watch yo' back! (full quote)
46065 Bernard: calm down Wayman (on the floor convulsing): Oh no! Bernard: calm down its not blood just wine Wayman: uh-huh Bernard: and the nominees for the best actress in a nightclub drama.....miss wayman harrington (full quote)
46065 you knwo that coffee good with milk but its better wehn its black (full quote)
46065 I'll go take a shaower and pretend I didnt wake up in the cryin game (full quote)
*SLAP* (full quote)
Bronzebird Save ya tears honey, ya never had a chance coffee's good with cream but better (snapping fingers) when it's black. (full quote)