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Quiz Show - 1994 Movie Quotes

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4921 That box is the biggest thing since Gutenberg invented the printing press, and I'm the biggest thing on it! (full quote)
4921 I love my wife, but it's like living with a plague of locusts! (full quote)
4921 f:Do you have any idea how much Bozo The Clown makes? / g: Well...we can't all be Bozo The Clown. (full quote)
  if you look around the table and you ccant tell who the sucker is, its you (full quote)
  So pure it floats. (full quote)
  you know what the problem with you bums is? you never leave a guy alone till you're leaving him alone. (full quote)
  you're like the Uncle Tom of the Jews (full quote)
  for 20,000 dollars i hope they ask you the meaning of life (full quote)
  walk away charlie (full quote)
12353 If you want to be worshiped, go to India and moo. (full quote)
  I want to think the world of you Charlie. Everyone does. That's your curse (full quote)
princesstigereyes I'm just trying to imagine what Kant would make of this. (full quote)
princesstigereyes I have flown too high on broken wings. Everything came too easy. That is why I am here today. (full quote)
10929 It's not like we're hardened criminals here. We're in show business. (full quote)
10929 --I know you're lying. --Bluffing. The word is bluffing. (full quote)
10929 --Don't do this to me. It's humiliating. --For seventy grand, Herb, you can afford to be humiliated. (full quote)
10929 You have 21. (full quote)
  You wanna be worshipped? Go to India and moo. (full quote)
  - I'm just trying to imagine what Kant would make of this. - I dont think he'd have a problem with it (full quote)
  Cheating on a quiz show? That's sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip... (full quote)
10929 Mack The Knife. (full quote)
33944 Cheating on a quiz show? That's sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip (full quote)
10929 Did you hear the market dropped thirty points today? There's a rumor Eisenhower died. (full quote)
33944 How's my nose.... does my nose look big?..... Last week I looked like a sundial (full quote)
33944 1/ Dad, Have you ever watched these TV shows.... Twenty One or The Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Question ??? 2/ For $64,000, I hope they ask you the meaning of life (full quote)
33944 1/ Who was that?? 2/ Charles Van Doren 1/ **VAN DOREN** Van Doren??? (full quote)
33944 You know why they call em *indians* ???...because Columbus thought he was in India.... they're *Indians* because some white guy got lost!!! (full quote)
41579 Now we have a clean-cut intellectual instead of a freak. (full quote)
33944 Charles Van Moron!! (full quote)
33944 Yo!! Chucky, answer this question... what street do I live on in Brooklyn?? (full quote)
33944 1/_I'm just trying to imagine what Kant would make of this. 2/_I don't think he'd have a problem with it (full quote)
33944 Dick hopes someday to be confused with an important person (full quote)
33944 That uncurcumcised prick is on the cover of Time magazine and I can't even get a quiz show?! (full quote)
33944 The cover of Time magazine?! His mugshot should be on the cover of Time magazine!!! (full quote)
33944 Steve Allen's getting a busy signal because my mother-in-law won't shut up (full quote)
33944 You could fill Yankee Stadium with the world's mediocre novelists (full quote)
33944 This week on Twenty-One, watch Herbert Stemple being fed to the Columbia Lion, watch Charles Van Doren eat his first kosher meal, on Twenty-One (full quote)
33944 Charles Van Doren!? He wouldn't know the answer to a doorbell if you didn't give it to him!! (full quote)
33944 1/_Dad doesn't like Washington 2/_ A swamp.... that traded malaria for politics (full quote)
33944 1/ Some rise by sin and some by virtue, fall 2/ Measure For Measure.....To do a great right, to do a little wrong 1/ Merchant Of Venice 3/ This is a game our family plays.... 1/ O! What men dare do, what men may do, what they daily do, not knowing what they do 2/ Much Ado About Nothing..... Things without remedy should be without regard, what's done is done 1/ ....things without all remedy... Macbeth 4/ How ill white hairs become a fool and jester.... now professor, open your presents (full quote)
  Dick Goodwin: But you got the answers,too. Herbie Stemple: Yes, but I didn't preen myself on the cover of Time magazine with a face full of phony humility! (full quote)
33944 They gave you all that money to answer questions they knew you knew??!!.... now THAT's inflation!!! (full quote)
33944 I would give almost anything I have to reverse the course of my life in the last year. The past doesn't change for anyone, but at least I can learn from the past. I've learned a lot about life. I've learned a lot about myself, and about the responsibilties any man has to his fellow man. Iv'e learned a lot about good and evil. They are not always whay they appear to be. I was involved, deeply involved in a deception. I have deceived my friends, and I have millions of them. I lied to the American people. I lied about what I knew, then I lied about what I did not know. In a sense I was like a child who refuses to admit a fact in the hope that it would go away. Of course it did NOT go away. I was scared... scared to death. I had no solid position, no basis to stand on for myself. There was one way out and that was simply to tell the truth. It may sound trite to you but I've found myself again after a number of years. I've been acting a role of thinking that I have done more; accomplished more; produced more than I actually have. I've had all the breaks. I've stood on the shoulders of life and I have never gotten down into the dirt to build a foundation of my own. I've flown too high on borrowed wings. Everything came too easy. That is why I am here today. (full quote)
33944 I thought we were gunna GET television... the truth is... television is gunna GET us (full quote)
33944 You know what the problem with you bums is??? You can't leave a guy alone unless you're leaving him alone (full quote)