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Serial Mom - 1994 Movie Quotes

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4957 1. You can't wear white shoes after Labor Day. 2. That's not true anymore. 1. Yes, it is! Didn't your mother ever tell you?!? (Thwack!) Now, you know. 2. No, please. Fashion has changed. 1. No, it hasn't. (Thwack!) 2. Agh! (full quote)
4957 (telephone rings / 1 answers) 1. Hello? 2. Is this the Cocksucker residence? 1. Goddamn you! Stop calling here! 2. Isn't this 4215 Pussy Way?!? 1. You bitch! 2. Now, let me check the zip code... 212FuckYou!!! (full quote)
  Misty - Carl makes me happy and that threatens this family, doesn't it? Dad - Doesn't threaten me honey, I'm happy. Mom - I'm happy too. We just want you to be happy. Chip - I'm so happy I could shit! Mom - Chip. You know how I hate the brown word. (full quote)
  Misty - He killed people, Mom! Beverly - We all have our bad days. (full quote)
24267 Are those....PUSSY willows??? (full quote)
24267 Beverly: Re-wind bitch! (full quote)
24267 Garbage man 1: Somebody Ought to kill her. Garbage Man 2: Yea...give her a nice *guuug* smiley face. (full quote)
15306 listen to your filthy mouth, you fucking whore! (full quote)
  Dottie: Did you see that? She just said fuck you to me. Well, fuck you too, you whore. (full quote)
  Beverly: Dottie, are you insane? Dottie: No I'm not, you mother fucker! I'll get you, you cocksucker! You lousy pigfucker! You ugly whore! (full quote)
30220 Rosemary: Beverly, you have a little doo-doo on your shoe. (full quote)
23438 Misty: He killed people, mum! Beverley: We all have our bad days. (full quote)
23438 Dottie: (on the telephone) Hello? Beverley: (prank calling) Is this the cocksuckers residence? Dottie: Goddamn you, stop calling here! Beverley: Isn’t this 4125 Pussy Way? Dottie: You Bitch! Beverley: Now let me check the zip code; 212-fuck you?! Dottie: The police are tracing this call, this very minute. Beverley: Then why aren’t they here, hey Fuck Face?! Dottie: Fuck You! (hangs up the phone) (full quote)
23438 Chip: I’m so happy I could shit. Beverley: Chip, you know how much I hate the 'brown' word. (full quote)
23438 Misty: (to a customer) Can I help you? (the woman shakes her head) Thanks for not buying anything. (full quote)
23438 Misty: Chip, our mother is Charles Manson. (full quote)
23438 Dottie: (answering the phone) Didn’t I just say, fuck you?! Beverley: (pretending to be someone else) I beg your pardon? Dottie: Who is this? Beverley: Mrs. Wilson from the telephone company. I understand your having problems with an obscene phone caller? Dottie: Yes, I am. I’m sorry Mrs. Wilson, but this is driving me crazy. I’ve had my number changed three times already, I’m a divorced woman, please help me. Beverley: What exactly does this sick individual say? Dottie: I can’t say the words out loud. I don’t use bad language. Beverley: Oh I know it’s difficult, but we need to know the exact words. Dottie: I’ll try… Cocksucker, that’s what she calls me. Beverley: (changes into her prank call voice) Listen to your filthy mouth, you Fucking Whore! Dottie: Goddamn YOU! Beverley: Muthafucker! Dottie: Cocksucka! (slams the phone down) (full quote)
23438 Beverley: Are these… 'Pussywillows?' Rosemary: Dried ones, aren’t they pretty? Dottie: (to Beverley) what did you say? Beverley: (evil grin, as her voice deepens) Pussywillows, Dottie. (full quote)
23438 Beverley: Chip, the only 'serial' I know anything about is Rice Crispies. (full quote)
23438 Bindy: what a Bitch. Chip: It’s the influence of all those family films. (full quote)
  Thanks for not buying anything. (full quote)
Daisy 1:Hello? 2: Is this the C*cksucker residence? 1: God damn you! Stop calling here! 2: Is this 4215 Pussy Way? 1: You bitch! 2: Now let me check the zip code. Two-one-two-f*ck-you? 1: The police are tracing this call this very minute. 2: Well, Dottie Hinkle, then why aren't they here, huh, f*ckface? 1: F*CK YOU! (hangs up the phone) 2: Bwaahahahaha! (calls her back) 1: DIDN'T I JUST SAY F*CK YOU? 2: (in a very friendly voice) I beg your pardon? 1: Who is this? 2: Mrs. Wilson from the telephone company. We understand you're having some trouble with an obscene phone caller? 1: Oh Mrs. Wilson, I'm so sorry. These calls are driving me crazy! I'm a divorced woman, please help me. 2: Well what exactly does this sick individual say to you? 1: I can't say the words out loud, I don't use bad language. 2: Oh yes I know it's difficult but we need to know the exact words. 1: I'll try. C*CKSUCKER, that's what she calls me. 2: (in original manly voice) LISTEN TO YOUR FILTHY MOUTH, YA F*CKIN WHORE! 1: GODDAMN YOU! 2: MOTHERF*CKER! 1: C*CKSUCKER! (full quote)
pasolinifan75 wear...your seatbelt....its the law! (full quote)