Star Wars

May The Force Be With You

From Star Wars

George Lucas will forever be known as the director and writer of Star Wars, released in 1977. It changed things: people became interested in science fiction again and the special effects remain awesome to this day. Then, too, viewers were wowed with the varied characters in fitting costumes in the age-old theme of good versus evil.

Good guy Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill) leaves his planet with other rebels and fights to save Princess Leia from Darth Vader who wants to rule the universe. The action-packed story tosses in a romantic interest between Luke (and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), but the viewers main interest is in the struggle between Skywalker and Vadar with vintage belt buckles around their waist.

When Ben gives Luke the lightsaber in order to have a chance against Vadar and his troops, he encourages him, “May the force be with you.” From that, many little boys wanted to become Jedi knights as well. So grew a huge industry of posters, toys, and items now considered antiques.

There is the lasting appeal of characters. Luke Skywalker’s idealism; Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi’s (Alex Guinness) wisdom, Han Solo’s(Harrison Ford) coolness, and Darth Vader’s evilness. This epic saga justifiably earned its place as the highest grossing film series every made.

You will notice many new shows that resemble Star Wars. There is a Star Wars cartoon and many Star Wars memorabilia that are offered everyday. Star Wars is a mega machine that will be with us forever.

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