They Live

I've come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I am all out of bubble gum.

From They Live 1988

They Live was released in 1988. This movies is a mixture of fiction thriller and comedy. It has a very interesting story line with well balanced fiction. The movie was created keeping two references in mind; a short story called "Eight O’clock in the Morning" by Ray Nelson and another story Nada from Alien Encounters comic book, which is popular womens apparel.

The plot is a mixture of many incidents happening which leaves the audience confused at some parts but still it proves to be an entertaining and fun movie to watch. The credit for making the movie interesting goes to John Carpenter who has proved to be good storyteller. He has also showed hard work in appointing the cast for the movie.

The story is about a homeless laborer George Nada working at a construction site. One day he is invited for a meal at soup kitchen by his fellow worker Frank Armitage. The story takes interesting turn when he notices mysterious working in the church nearby. He investigates and the next day the church is demolished. When he returns to investigate more he finds a carton full of sunglasses. And these sunglasses change his life completely.

The movie can be categorized as a horror action flick which is good in giving Goosebumps to the audience. More than entertaining the audience it reflects a message which the director has tried to pit forward. He highlights the world full of subliminal advertising and big brother vibes for womens birth control issues and more.

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