This Is 40

Can we keep a small shred of mystery in our relationship?

From This is 40, 2012

Turning 40 and middle age have never been funnier in the 2012 comedy This Is 40. Anyone with a mortgage, wife, kids, job and everything else that goes along with middle age can relate to this movie. This Is 40 stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. They show us the thrills of parenthodd and middle age in a very funny manner and take us a few years later after the events of Knocked Up.

The movie begins with Debbie and Pete having a moment together on Debbie's 40th birthday. Pete tells her he took viagra prior to this moment and Debbie begins to be mad at turning 40.

The 2 of them have interesting relationships with their dad. My favorite part of the movie is when Pete (Rudd) confronts the mother of a bully at his daughter's school. Funny stuff. He gets tired of the taunting his daughter receives. Oh, did I tell you Debbie gets pregnant at 40 as well? I must see for comedy lovers.

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