Toy Story

All right, men. You heard him. Code Red! Repeat: we are at Code Red. Recon plan Charlie. Execute! Let's move, move, move, move, move!

From Toy Story 1995

Toy Story launched Pixar to the world as a force in modern day animation. The story which was written and directed by John Lasseter and released in 1995 centers on the evolution in toys as the coveted spot of favorite toy is threatened by the evolution of new fancier versions of toys that have more lights and gizmos to them. Specifically, Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) has long enjoyed his role as a young boy’s most favored possession in his entire collection of toys, until the day when a new fancy spaceman toy arrives (voiced by Tim Allen) that knocks him off his perch and creates all sorts of jealousy issues.

The fun appeal of this movie hits home on several levels. First there is the great fun of seeing all of our childhood toys brought to life and understanding the types of personalities that each of them demonstrate. The gags are plenty when considering that Mr. Potato head has to switch out his eyes and mouth based on his emotion or that the Tyrannosaurs Rex’s arms are too small to actually be functional. Blend in the fun of doing recon missions as army men, or solving mysteries with a Speak-and -Spell and you can see the charm.

At the heart of the story though is the insecurity felt by old toys as they are replaced by newer fancier toys that sport more features and electronics. There is an evolution from having to do all the creative play in your head with Woody, to being able to push buttons for special effects like a laser or wings with Buzz. In addition, Buzz is supported by all the latest in cartoons on television, whereas cowboy shows are just not in vogue any longer. When Buzz falls out of the window, the other toys believe that it was an intentional act of sabotage on the part of Woody, and they proceed to throw him out the window as punishment.

In the end though Woody realizes a heroic redemption after going to great lengths to save Buzz and to reunite with the moving truck of all of the toys at the last second before they are shipped off to a new house. Woody and Buzz realize that they are both still special to their human boy, and that there is plenty of room to share in his love. However, the movie takes an ironic stab at even this as the toys are worried of being replaced in the end when the boy receives a puppy which is sure to take a lot of the boy’s attention.

The movie toy story was one of the best computer animated motion picture from Disney. It is a fantastic movie great for both kids and adults. The animated movie reminds us of our childhood days when we play and fantasize having a conversation with our inanimate toys as if they were alive and can respond to us. Its great to know that a story has been written about it and brought those fantasies of ours into a splendid and heartwarming movie.

The voices behind the Toy story characters did well in their dubbing. Tom Hanks as woody, Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, John Morris as Andy, Laurie Metcalf for Mrs. Davis and the rest of the voice actors have brought life into the characters and the story. Toy Story transcended the usual trend in Animated Films with its incredible computer work and visuals. Disney and Pixar brought life and warmth into the world of plastic, cold and inanimate toys.

The story centers on toy feud when young boy Andy added a new toy to his collection. Cowboy clothed Woody felt the threat to his position as Andy’s favorite toy when Shiny Buzz Lightyear arrived into their toy world. The chaos began when Woody’s determined plan to eliminate Buzz rebounded and brought them out into the real world where they end up helping each other trying to escape the toy-torturer Boy named Sid. The scenes are action-packed and the exciting plot of the story is combined with funny lines that to be enjoyed by the viewers.

The values and moral lessons behind Toy Story educate our kids and us adults to be more sensitive with home housekeepers. The fun movie is rated G for everyone to take pleasure in. Toy Story did not only portray the toy world realistically but also the real world where we all live in. Such a remarkable story that keeps us reminded of the time when our egocentric self is very much absorbed into our fantasy world along with our toy buddies.

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