Two For The Road

Marriage is when a woman asks a man to take off his pajamas, and it's because she wants to send them to the laundry.

From Two For The Road, 1967

'Two for the Road' is a movie that juxtaposes present and past events in the relationship of a couple. Filmed in a non-linear fashion, this movie starts in the present and flashes back to past events dwelling on how the couple first met on a ferry crossing, their whirlwind romance and marriage, fading passions and extra-marital affairs; and finally to their return to each other’s arms.

Were Mark and Joanna fated to meet and to fall in love given the numerous chance meetings they had while on the road?

Built as if on a series of short stories that span a period of 12 years, the movie pieces the events that the protagonists, Mark and Joanna Wallace, played here by Albert Finney and Audrey Heburn, undergo and the issues they have to face not only in their own fragile relationship with each other but also with other characters such as Mark’s ex-girlfriend, Cathy, her husband and their daughter, Ruthie. Their opportune meeting with the wealthy Maurice Dalbret and his wife Francoise on the road when Mark’ car developed exhaust problems, was to add more confusion into their lives.

In the ups and downs of their relationship, Mark and Joanna had separate affairs outside of their bedroom. Mark had a fling with another motorist on his road journey which turned out to be just a harmless affair. Joanna had and affair with David, Francoise's brother. That appeared to be more serious. However, as their affair was getting more serious, Joanna realizes in time the goodness and sanctity of her marriage to Mark and she rushes back into his open arms. Back together again, on a stronger emotional footing this time, the two protagonists took to the road and exit retrospective and nostalgic France into sunny Italy, signaling a move beyond the past into the prospects of a brighter future.

This Stanley Donen movie dwells on the emotional issues that can confront couples in uncertain times. Their fears, stats and their insecurities are given central focus here. The actions and reactions of both Mark and Joanna to each other have been well portrayed throughout the movie. At the end of the movie, the viewer will be given the opportunity to judge for himself whether the actions of the Wallaces have been right and true or were they mislead by mere circumstances and perceptions to think and do otherwise.

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