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From Up!, 2009

Strap yourself in for an adventure that will take you...well, UP! As promises are kept, and dreams fulfilled, the results are more than Carl Fredrickson bargained for in this Disney Pixar animated film! After the span of 70 years, Carl recalls a promise he made to his sweetheart, Ellie, who has passed on recently. With nothing left for him in this world, he sets himself to the mercy of the winds to fulfill the vow he made to Ellie long ago...to find the lost land in South America.

After an accident, it is determined that Carl belongs in a retirement home. However, Carl is just not happy with that decision, and determines to do something about it. He decides it’s time to fulfill a promise he made long ago, and starts making preparations. Not bending to the authorities, Carl stays home instead of going to the retirement community. As the people come to forcefully bring him to the home, they are met with the sight of Carl’s house being torn into the sky by a teeming mass of balloons, with Carl laughing at them, as he rises into the air.

Life is peaceful now, without the pains of the people in the world knocking on his door, and Carl is enjoying his solitude...until there is a knock at the door! Russell, an 8 year old Wilderness Explorer. Carl’s peaceful solitude evaporates as he adjusts to life with his newfound stowaway in a hilarious play of events.

As they journey to the lost land of Carl’s lifelong dream, adventure surrounds them when they discover beasts and characters unimaginable. As grating as their relationship began, they are brought together through their encounter within the lost land and an evil villain determined to harass them to no end. Coming to a touching conclusion, Carl and Russell leave the lost land lifelong friends.

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