Wall Street

Greed is good! Greed is right! Greed works! Greed will save the USA!

From Wall Street, 1987

Wall Street released in 1987 was a big hit with earning reaching $4.1 million in the opening week itself. It was critically well appreciated. Robert Ebert gifted the movie three and half stars out of four. It followed many debates on the topic “Greed” in the nation. Michael Douglas was even on the cover of many popular magazines at the time depicting the corporate greed of the 80s.

The movie was a boost in career for many. The lead character of the movie Gordon Gekko played by Michael Douglas, was well appreciated. He was awarded Academy Award for Best Actor. The writer of the movie Stanley Weiser also experienced a boost in his career, when his work in this movie was well appreciated.

The story is about a stockbroker Bud fox who has the urge to be at the top.Bud tries to win over the top notch Gordon but eventually his views for him change in his first meet, when he fails to impress Gordon.But still Bud is eager to impress him and helps him with side information.

The movie is packed with action and lots of drama. Director Oliver Stone has presented the greed for money in a very well phrased manner. The dialogue by Stone is straight and simple to let the audience understand the plot with ease. Such kind of excellence is found rare in movies.

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