When Harry Met Sally

I'll Have What She's having

From When Harry Met Sally

The origins of this 1989 ever-popular, chick flick came from director/co-producer Rob Reiner’s real life experiences after a divorce. Both Billy Crystal (Harry) and Meg Ryan (Sally) contributed to the screenplay as well. Many ideas in the movie are now common concepts in popular language, such as "high-maintenance" girlfriend and the "transitional person".

The story follows the title characters from the time they meet through twelve years of chance encounters. The film shows the evolution of a friendship into a romantic relationship with several diverse couples reflecting on their own relationships.

The classic scene features the two main characters having lunch in Katz’s Deli in Manhattan, New York. They argue about a man’s ability to tell if a woman is faking an orgasm. Sally vividly demonstrates how she can do this fully clothed. Afterwards, a nearby diner, played by Rob Reiner’s mother, tells the waitress, "I’ll have what she’s having." Makes you feel like you lose your marbles. Great stuff!

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