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5/27/06 at 7:49 PM
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  • “- Kurt Bozwell: I want you to bail on Good Burger. You make your sauce for Kurt.
    - Ed: Who's Kurt?
    - Kurt Bozwell: I'm Kurt.
    - Ed: I'm Ed.
    - Kurt Bozwell: I'm aware!
    - Ed: You said you were Kurt.”

    Jan Schweiterman - Kurt Bozwell
    Kel Mitchell - Ed
  • - Helen Caperelli: Mike...
    - Mike Wallace: Mike? "Mike"! Try "Mr. Wallace". We work in the same corporation doesn't mean we work in the same profession.

    Gina Gershon - Helen Caperelli
    Christopher Plummer - Mike Wallace
    [Tag:name, respect, working]
  • “Maybe I don't have someone that I thought I loved a lot really, but that's ok because I've got me. And I've got my work. And I've got my music. And I love that - more than anything else on this earth.”
    Didi Conn - Laurie Robinson
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  • “- Cleopatra: It seems strange to see you working. I've always pictured you either fighting or loving.
    - Julius Caesar: Well, I have had some experience with fighting.
    - Cleopatra: But none with loving, I suppose.
    - Julius Caesar: Well, none with pretty little queens.”

    Claudette Colbert - Cleopatra
    Warren William - Julius Caesar
  • “- Henry Frankenstein: It's like Heaven, being with you again.
    - Elizabeth: Heaven wasn't so far away all the time, you know.
    - Henry Frankenstein: I know, but I didn't realize it. My work. Those horrible days and nights. I couldn't think of anything else.”

    Colin Clive - Dr. Frankenstein
    Mae Clarke - Elizabeth
    [Tag:love, working]