“I'm Gonna Git You Sucka” quotes

Movie I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
Title I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
Year 1988
Director Keenen Ivory Wayans
Genre Comedy, Action
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Plot – After years of routine at the desk, Sergeant Jack Spade returns to New York to avenge the death of his brother, who died after an overdose of gold chains. He starts his search for the notorious criminal Mr. Big and, with the help of the legendary John Slade, organizes his revenge.
All actors – Keenen Ivory Wayans, Bernie Casey, Antonio Fargas, Steve James, Isaac Hayes, Jim Brown, Ja'net DuBois, Dawnn Lewis, John Vernon, Clu Gulager, Kadeem Hardison, Damon Wayans
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  • “- Cheryl: Well, after you left, he started getting into drugs and stuff. Things got really bad when he...
    - Jack Spade: Well, what? Cheryl, come on!
    - Cheryl: He started wearing gold chains, Jack.
    - Jack Spade: Oh, God, no!”

    Dawnn Lewis - Cheryl
    Keenen Ivory Wayans - Jack Spade
    [Tag:drugs, gold, jewels]
  • “My bitch better have my money, through rain, sleet, or snow. My whore better have my money, not half, not some, but all my cash. ’Cause if she don't, I'm gonna put my foot in her ass.”
    Antonio Fargas - Flyguy
    [Tag:money, threat]
  • “Look, a family full of midgets is not considered kids. That's a Gang!”
    Keenen Ivory Wayans - Jack Spade
    [Tag:children, family]
  • “- Jack Spade: [looks at musicians] Who are these guys?
    - John Slade: They're my theme music. Every hero's got to have some.”

    Keenen Ivory Wayans - Jack Spade
    Bernie Casey - John Slade
    [Tag:heroes, music]
  • “- Slammer: What makes you think you can be a Black Hero?
    - Jack Spade: I'm an ex-football player.”

    Jim Brown - Slammer
    Keenen Ivory Wayans - Jack Spade
    [Tag:heroes, sport]