“Us” quotes

Movie Us
Title Us
Year 2019
Director Jordan Peele
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Interpreted by
All actors – Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon, Madison Curry, Ashley McKoy, Napiera Groves, Lon Gowan, Alan Frazier, Duke Nicholson, Dustin Ybarra, Nathan Harrington, Kara Hayward, Darrel Cherney, James Cobb, Andrew Constantini, Alessandro Garcia, Nicole Huynh, Andrew Koponen, Brian Korsmeier, Debra Norton-Miller, Anne-Marie Olsen, David M Sandoval Jr., Ray Walker, Justin Williams
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  • “- Adelaide Wilson: You know how sometimes things line up?
    - Gabe Wilson: Yeah.
    - Adelaide Wilson: You know, like coincidences. Since we’ve been here, they’ve been happening more and more. I think I feel like it means like she’s getting closer.
    - Gabe Wilson: Who? The mirror girl?
    - Adelaide Wilson: You don’t believe me.
    - Gabe Wilson: I do. I...” (continue)
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    Lupita Nyong'o - Adelaide Wilson
    Winston Duke - Gabe Wilson
  • “- Gabe Wilson: Let's make some traps or something, like some 'Home Alone' type stuff. That way, if she comes...
    - Adelaide Wilson: Tell me you did not just reference 'Home Alone'.
    - Gabe Wilson: You know what I'm talking about.
    - Adelaide Wilson: Gabe. They've been planning this. They have the upper hand. This is the time to run, not to be...” (continue)
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    Winston Duke - Gabe Wilson
    Lupita Nyong'o - Adelaide Wilson
    Evan Alex - Jason Wilson
    Shahadi Wright Joseph - Zora Wilson
  • “When you point a finger at someone else, you have three pointing back at you.”
    Evan Alex - Jason Wilson
  • “Did you know that there's fluoride in the water that the government uses to control our minds?”
    Shahadi Wright Joseph - Zora Wilson
  • “They look exactly like us. They think like us. They know where we are. We need to move and keep moving. They won't stop until they kill us... or we kill them.”
    Lupita Nyong'o - Adelaide Wilson