Despicable Me

We stole the Statue of Liberty! The small one, from Las Vegas!

From Despicable Me, 2010

The 3D movie is popular all over the world.” Despicable Me" is a 3D animation movie produced by Global movie company and Illumination Entertainment company. The movie is very interesting to watch. The main content contains an interesting idea. The story of this movie describes a huge bad person Gru want to steal the moon. This is a whimsical plan to action. Gru living in a black house which is around by white fence and rose bushes. Evil mother play a important role in the story of this movie. The evil mother encourages Gru to act his plan on steal the moon. Gru obsessed with all evil things.

He not only equips with a shrink ray Arsenal, freeze rays, but also has to combat ground and air transport, as long as who obstruct his plans, he will destroy anyone. One day, he met three little girl who lost family, these orphans are treated him as a father, and Gru never experienced these. The biggest bad guy on earth encountered the greatest challenges: the three little girls called Margo, Edith and Agnes. Three little girls make the plan of Gru hesitated.

One side is evil mother's encourage; the other side is the loving of three little girls. Gru become hesitate to choose. The plan of stealing the moon will occupy much time of Gru. At the same time, Gru should treat his three little girls in daily life. He is good father of three little girls. But he is a bad person in fact. This is a contest between family and working. It is hard to treat for any person in the world. Gru always feel powerless to execute his big plan which encouraged by evil mother. The three girls often give Gru trouble things to deal with. As a father, Gru need to deal with it carefully. I think the since will be very interesting and enjoy ourselves. Have a try to think about; although little girls are little, they have clever brains.

The dub actors also have many advantages with new office furniture rentals for one. Dub of the movie called Steve and Riel. They are excellent dub actors for movies. Many talk show actors also join in the dub. Their sound of the movie will be very interesting and vivid.

The most important thing of the 3D movie worthy to see is below. How Gru deal with the unexpected obstacles and act his perfect plan on stealing moon. It will be very laughing for us. How bad the Gru is, how good the father is.

The director of this 3D animation movie is Chris Renaud?He is a famous director in the world. Many people like to watch his movie such as animation movies. A good director can make excellent movies. It is also suitable for the children to watch. Because it is a animation movie. Another picture of the 3D movie will be beautiful for us to watch. It is an enjoyment of our eyes.

Although Gru is so bad person, we can see the father’s love is great just like adjustable bedding. A huge bad person also has his love on children. This is the main content that i think it is worth to watch. Another poster of the 3D movie is shown on father's day it shows the loving of fathers from all over the world. So we can expect the 3D movie and enjoy it with our child in the cinema.

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