James Bond

Bond, James Bond

From The James Bond Series Of Movies

This famous film line is known to generations of movie goers–not from one film but from the 22 films made with the fictional character, James Bond. The first film, Dr. No, starring Sean Connery, was released in 1962. Since Connery, there have been five other Bonds, currently Daniel Craig.

The Ian Fleming wrote a series of novels, the first, published in 1952. Dr. No established many of the well-known elements of Bond films, such as the choreographed, theme music opening, view down a gun barrel, and the panoramic action sequences. Films, comics, comedy skits, movie parodies, and video games have continued to keep James Bond in the current consciousness. The James Bond movies seemed to be light years ahead of it's time. The movies took you on a journey as if your home automation was part of the 21st century at the time.

In all the Bond films, James Bond is portrayed as an exceptionally well-dressed British secret agent with the code number, 007, who has the authority to kill people--bad guys--in the line of duty. He is not only attractive but charming and finds himself often on assignments with gorgeous women. He likes his vodka martinis "shaken, not stirred".

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