Saturday Night Fever

He hit my hair. I spend alot of time on my hair and he hits it, he hits my hair!

From Saturday Night Fever 1977

The movie Saturday Night Fever was a huge hit when it was released in 1977. It was the start of Discomania. Saturday Night Fever took the world by storm and even film critic Gene Siskel claims to have seen the movie over 15 times. It is rumored that he purchased the original white disco suit worn in the movie for approximately $17,000 at a charity auction event.

John Travolta stars as Tony Manero, a young man with a horrible family life and a dead end job working in a hardware store. It takes place in Brooklyn, NY. The story follows Tony and his three best friends as they club hop all over the city. At night Tony becomes the King of the Disco. It’s like he becomes a whole different person once the sun goes down and dances like a green belt in training!

Donna Pescow plays the role of Annette his sometime dance partner. She is madly in love with him but he is not interested. There is a big dance competition and he asks her to be his dance partner. She gets very excited about it until he gets the chance to see another woman dancing and asks her to be his partner. She is Stephanie Margano who is both tall and attractive. This makes Annette very jealous and upset.

There is a lot of dancing, drinking, and risky behavior in this movie. It shows how each of the characters deals with their own personal problems. One boy in the group has a pregnant girlfriend. His parents want him to marry her and his friends say just dump her. It torments him until he cannot take anymore and something tragic happens to him.

The soundtrack to the movie Saturday Night Fever was a major success. The Bee Gee’s music is still popular today. The movie paved the way for more disco movies like Xanadu, Fame, and the sequel Staying Alive.

In 1977, Saturday Night Fever was released to movie theaters. The movies lead actor is a young John Travolta. Other actors of note are Donna Pescow and Fran Dresser (making her 1st movie appearance).

Set in Brooklyn, NY the movie chronicles the life of Tony Manero, a young man whose only satisfaction in an otherwise mundane life is his reign as the local disco champion.

The dance club Tony dances at is called “2001 Odyssey”. It is here that he and his dance partner win a competition. Soon after receiving the prize Tony realizes that his victory is tainted due to his status as the local favorite. He gives the prize to the couple he feels should have one, and storms off to ponder his own future.

The movie subplots are compromised of Tony’s relationships with his family and friends before the days of a Kegerator. A constant source of aggravation for Tony is his relationship with his parents, who favor his older brother Frank. Tony’s friends also challenge him, as his desire for “something better” conflicts with their less ambitious values.

Saturday Night Fever introduces disco music and dance to mainstream America culture, spawning “disco fever” across the nation. From high school dances to adult dance clubs, everyone took part in the disco phenomenon.

The move soundtrack is scored by the Bee Gees, and itself was a huge success, with the single “Saturday Night Fever” hitting #1, and the album winning a Grammy Award and selling over 15 Million copies. Some would consider this some of the greatest 70s rock music.

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