“Saturday Night Fever” quotes

Movie Saturday Night Fever
Title Saturday Night Fever
Year 1977
Director John Badham
Genre Drama, Music
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Plot – Tony Manero is 19, he has dark eyes and a Latin charm. He works in a store but he loves dancing whenever he can: for him, dancing is also a way to escape his family situation. His father is unemployed, his mother is a churchy woman and his brother is a priest who has lost his faith. This movie is based on an investigative report titled "Saturday Night Tribal Rites", but its success is set by the disco's atmosphere, by the famous Travolta's white dress and by Bee Gees' music.
All actors – John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller, Joseph Cali, Paul Pape, Donna Pescow, Bruce Ornstein, Julie Bovasso, Martin Shakar, Sam Coppola, Nina Hansen, Lisa Peluso, Denny Dillon, Bert Michaels, Robert Costanzo, Robert Weil, Shelly Batt, Fran Drescher, Donald Gantry, Murray Moston, William Andrews, Ann Travolta, Helen Travolta, Ellen March, Monti Rock III, Val Bisoglio, Roy Cheverie, Adrienne King, Chere Mauldin, M.J. Quinn, Alberto Vazquez
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