The Deer Hunter

Oh, what the hell, Mike. Give him the boots.

From The Deer Hunter 1978

The movie Deer hunter has got the Academy award in the year 1978. It also bagged the prizes of best picture, best director, best supporting role artist, best filming, best sound, best actor in a leading role. The film entered into the story of trio of steel workers in the period of Vietnam War, the story surrounds the infantry age of that trio. The director of the film Michael Cimino, who had also bagged the academy award for best director, peeped into the age of Vietnam War.

The actual story encircled with the trio, the director depicted and portrayed each and every one’s character to well diagnosed way. The scenes portrayed were unassuming and enchanting. They nearly entered into the subconscious mind of every viewer. Michael struggles hard to admire his lover Linda. The glimpses of the movie could be enacted and visualized in the way its theme music, which also had bagged the academy award for its glorious performance.

The theme music was compiled by the great musician Stanly myers in association with the guitarist John Williams. The theme of that music was melancholy and the life softened in Clairton. The main theme carries a sub- theme of ‘can’t take my off you’ is the melody liner of the times. It was portrayed and depicted to the level of winning the academy award it deserves in any way. This also had some controversy on Vietnamese. It also occluded the attraction of all eyes of those years like renters insurance for a college student at the time.

The film was more popular to the extent that the active nature of the film was being selected and preserved in one the libraries of the United States long before raw food cooking. The film had the extent of even three hours of run. Even though that was too long, it did not create any run down among the fans. The film had got the uniqueness of winning most awards of that time. It could be evident from each frame that it deserves all of those awards. Christopher Walken bagged the award of the best supporting actor.

Peter Zinner stood on the best editing award. It has another face of glory of winning the Golden globe award; the recipient of that award was also the director Michael Cimino. It also bagged the Bafta award records for best cinematography and also for best editing. On a whole the movie like the deer hunter should have a large impact on the viewers and also deserves all the titles it bagged from time to time.

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