The Terminator

I'll Be Back

From The Terminator

Who knows if this catch phrase would have become so popular if it hadn’t been for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian accent. This science fiction/action film is set in 1984, the year it was released. Arnold, the "terminator" cyborg is sent back from the year 2029 to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).

He is programmed to do what is necessary to stop her from having a future son who leads a resistance movement against the machines who want to exterminate the human race. When he finally tracks her down at a police station, he is denied admittance. He utters, "I’ll be back" and soon returns by plowing a car through the front of the building.

Because he is a machine like a medical stethoscope, he cannot be easily terminated himself. Even after being blown up, he’s still partially functional as a metal skeleton who continues to pursue her. She gets him, though, with the help of a hydraulic press. The end of the film shows that she will have the son that helps humans in the future. There is definitely a central connector of action in this movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Rent it today!

The Terminator has become a cult classic among many movie buffs. This action movies seems to stand the test of time.

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