Thelma And Louise

You let her go, or I'm gonna splatter your ugly face all over this nice car.

From Thelma & Louise, 1991

“Thelma and Louise” has an unusual story in which two women from unexciting backgrounds try to look for some happiness, and find it only after they become outlaws. Gina Davies plays the role of Thelma Yvonne Dickinson, and Susan Sarandon plays the role of Louise Elizabeth Sawyer in this movie.

Thelma is married to a rather controlling man, while Louise is still unmarried. Louise works as a waitress. The two decide to take a two-day vacation from their otherwise dull lives. Louise owns a nice car, and they start their journey in this car. They reach a bar called Silver Bullet. Here Thelma dances with one of the men whose name is Harlan Puckett (played by Timothy Carthart). After dancing, Harlan tries to rape drunken Thelma in the car parking area. Hearing Thelma cry out, Louise picks Thelma’s gun, and points it at Harlan, asking him to back off! At first Harlan does hesitate. But soon he becomes defiant, adding obscene remarks, which prompt Louise to accidentally pull the trigger. Harlan dies on the spot, and the two realize the implications. Thelma does suggest going to police station. But Louise is not certain that anybody would believe the truth, in light of the fact that Thelma was quite drunk. Louise also gets scared of being prosecuted.

The two ladies now plan to go to Mexico. But Louise has an unhappy past, because of which she is unwilling to travel through Texas. Therefore, they move towards west. Here, they meet J.D., (played by Brad Pitt) who is a robber on parole. J.D. is a good-looking man, and soon Thelma starts liking him. On her advise, Louise allows J.D. to hitch hike with them. Louise, in the meanwhile, calls up her boyfriend requesting him to transfer her lifetime savings through Western Union. The following day, her boyfriend Jimmy (played by Michael Madsen) surprises her. He comes personally to hand over the monies. At the other end, J.D. reveals to Thelma about his past, and how he robbed different people. Jimmy and Louise spend the night together, and so do Thelma and J.D. The following morning J.D. decamps with Louise’s savings. The two ladies realize this only after they exchanged notes on their respective boyfriends. Now it is normally calm and organized Louise’s turn to panic, so Thelma takes charge. She starts earning by following J.D.’s ways. The first thing she does is stealing from a store.

In the meanwhile, FBI is looking for them. FBI detective Slocomb is in charge of the case. He talks to both Jimmy and J.D. From them he learns about Louise’s side of the story. The detective also finds out about Louise’s past and the reason she left Texas with a lack of medical bill coding for her family. All this makes detective compassionate towards her. He comes into contact with Louise, but is not able to persuade her to return.

Soon the two women get habituated to their new lifestyle. Thelma changes from docile lady to a more decisive, aggressive, and boisterous person. Detective Slocomb does catch up with them eventually, but not before they’d managed to burn down a tanker truck because the truck driver passed some obscene remarks and refused to apologize. They also took away a gun from a policeman who stopped them for crossing speed limits. However, when Slocombe tracks them down, they realize that they have to spend their lives in prison. The realization prompts them to take their car over the cliff. The film ends on a sad note as the two ladies who turned into outlaws due to circumstances chose to commit suicide.

Thelma & Louise was released in 1991. Gina Davis starred as Thelma Yvonne Dickinson in this movie and Susan Sarandon played the role of Louise Elizabeth Sawyer. The film also has Brad Pitt in the role of J.D., and Harvey Keitel in the role of Detective Hal Slocumb.

Thelma has a very dominating husband. Because she is too submissive to his whims and wishes that her life does not seem interesting enough. Even fishing seemed to have no merit. Unlike her, her friend Louise is more confident and quite systematic in the way she plans her life. Louise has a boyfriend Jimmy Lennox (role played by Michael Madsen). Nevertheless, she too wants a break from her routine. The two decide to go out of the city for a couple of days in Louise’s car. They reach a pub called Silver Bullet, which has facilities for dancing as well. Here, Thelma has a drink too many. She also dances with Harlan Puckett, who follows her to car parking area. Here this man tries to outrage her modesty, against her will, prompting Louise to pick up Thelma’s gun. Louise asks Harlan to leave Thelma alone, but Harlan does not believe that Louise would actually shoot him. He goes as for as passing lewd remarks at Louise. In a moment of annoyance, Louise shoots at him killing him instantly. It is then that the two realize what happened.

Thelma suggests that they should report the matter to police. But Louise being methodical as she has always been thinks that would not be such a good idea because it would be very hard to convince the police in the drunken state that Thelma was. Louise also baulked at the thought of having to fight a law suit. So the two ladies change their plans. Instead of returning home, they now plan to move out of country. Mexico became the obvious choice. However, Louise was adamant not to use the shortest possible route that passed from Oklahoma through Texas. She had some very unpleasant recollections of her stay in Texas. So instead of going south, these two turn towards west. On the way they meet J.D., a person looking to hitch hike. Thelma likes J.D., and Louise lets him join them. Since money would be an issue, Louise calls up her boyfriend, and asks him to send all her savings to the Western Union number. Instead of sending the cash, her boyfriend comes along with it. Here Louise explains everything to him, and he hands over the cash in a bag. Louise gives the bag to Thelma. That night, Louise and Jimmy sleep together. J.D. confesses to Thelma that he was on parole, and that he was actually a robber. He describes his various holdups to her, and the two make love that night. On the following morning, the two girls meet and Louise was immediately concerned about the large amount of monies that are left in the room. Thelma rushes back only to find both J.D. and the bag full of monies gone. Louise just cannot absorb the shock. Therefore, it was left to Thelma to find a way to fend for them. She’d recently learnt how to steal and rob from shops. So that is the way she got the monies, without thinking of consequences.

The two spend their lives like perfect outlaws, drinking, taking away monies, and behaving in a way that was completely in contrast to their earlier way of living. Detective Hal Slocumb is on their tail like the Star Wars rangers. This FBI detective learns the truth from Louise’s boyfriend, and J.D. He also investigates Louise’s past. He becomes a bit sympathetic to her case. He tries to contact her but he fails to prevail upon her to return. In the meanwhile the two ladies continue breaking law without any hesitation. On one occasion, a traffic police officer accosts them for speeding. Instead of accepting their mistake, the two take away the officer’s gun, and lock him in the trunk of his vehicle.

In yet another incident, when a truck driver made some indecent remarks at these ladies, they demand that he be sorry for what he said. Instead of accepting the command of these two, the truck driver defies them. This enrages the two, and they shoot the tanker of his truck leading to explosion. Detective Hal Slocumb finally reaches these two. At that point of time, they choose to race the car, knowing fully well that it was a cliff, and it was a suicidal move. But they prefer that to living in any prison.

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