“Talk of Angels” quotes

Movie Talk of Angels
Title Talk of Angels
Year 1998
Director Nick Hamm
Genre Drama, Romance, War
All actors – Polly Walker, Vincent Perez, Franco Nero, Frances McDormand, Ruth McCabe, Marisa Paredes, Francisco Rabal, Penélope Cruz, Ariadna Gil, Rossy de Palma, Britta Smith, Anita Reeves
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  • “We came through a valley and into this great hubbub of noise. And for a minute I saw it all very clearly. The family I was about to join. A country in turmoil. And my own life turned upside down. And then I thought, it's why you came. It's what you wanted. And that's how it all began.”

    Polly Walker - Mary Lavelle
    [Tag:changing, desire, life]