“The Quiet American” quotes

Movie The Quiet American
Phillip Noyce directed this movie in 2002
Title The Quiet American
Year 2002
Director Phillip Noyce
Genre Drama, Romance, Thriller, War, Mystery
Plot – Young American aid worker Alden Pyle arrives in Saigon in 1952, in the middle of the war for independence from France. A passionate idealist, Pyle puts his high hopes in the mission that he is called on to accomplish. To do this, he befriends London 'Times' journalist Thomas Fowler and the woman who lives with the journalist, the young Vietnamese Phung, who soon after will become Pyle's lover. However, the unusual love triangle is bound to result in a murder.
All actors – Michael Caine, Brendan Fraser, Do Thi Hai Yen, Rade Serbedzija, Tzi Ma, Robert Stanton, Holmes Osborne, Quang Hai, Ferdinand Hoang, Pham Thi Mai Hoa, Mathias Mlekuz, Kevin Tran, Lap Phan, Tim Bennett, Jeff Truman, Hong Nhung, Ha Phong Nguyen, Navia Nguyen, Lucia Noyce, Hiliary Douglas, Daniel Hung, Kim Hoan Nguyen, Mai Nguyen Trinh, Pham Trong, Tran Do Luc, Cong Nguyen, George Mangos, Natasha Hunter, Martine Monroe, José De la Vega, Roland Rohrer, Susan Parry, Anh Dung Nguyen, Peter Holdsworth, Ngoc Tuan Hoang, Trece Lambatan, Erwin Abarico, Jun Javier, Nguyen Van Phuoc, Mark Szeto, Askar Nurlanov, Douglas Gallagher, Nicholas Parry, Vov Dylan, Khoa Do
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