“All the Pretty Horses” quotes

Movie All the Pretty Horses
Billy Bob Thornton directed this movie in 2000
Title All the Pretty Horses
Year 2000
Director Billy Bob Thornton
Genre Drama, Romance, Western
Plot – John Grady Cole is a young ranch owner who lives in Texas with his family. He's very skilled with horses. As his grandfather dies, his mother decides to sell the property. John with his friend Lacey crosses the border of Rio Bravo to seek fortune in Mexico. On the way, they meet a teenage cowboy who somehow changes their lives, then they find a job in a big farm. John falls in love with the beautiful daughter of the owner. The fate has been hitherto favorable but it begins to turn against the two guys.
All actors – Matt Damon, Henry Thomas, Penélope Cruz, J.D. Young, Laura Poe, Sam Shepard, Robert Patrick, Lucas Black, Yvette Diaz, Imelda Colindres, Augustin Solis, Rubén Blades, Elizabeth Ibarra, Miriam Colon, Lonnie Rodriguez, Raul Malo, Fredrick Lopez, Ferron Lucero Jr., Manuel Sanchez, Katie Harro, Denes Lujan, Leeann Lyons, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Edwin M. Figueroa, Matthew E. Montoya, Julian Prada, Roberto Enrique Pineda, Vincente Ramos, George R. Lopez, J.D. Garfield, Jo Harvey Allen, Julio Cedillo, Marc Miles, Brian Orr, Bruce Dern, Daniel Lanois, Jesse Plemons, Todd Bethke, Rene Munguia, Chris Talley, Angelina Torres, Richard Barela, Dennis Chavez, Anthony Dilio, David Miguel Estrada, Dennis E. Garber, Theodore Grivas, Barry Hazen, Patricia Miller, Philip Olivas, Jason Page, James Roach, Clark Sanchez, J. Nathan Simmons, Carlos Taboada
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