15 Movie Quotes about Forgiveness
15 Movie Quotes about Forgiveness
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  • “- Captain Robinson: They think we're dirt. We are not dirt. They think they can tell us. They...
    - Morozov: They? Who is they? Who is they? You hid escape suits. You lie us - all of us! You-they worse than they. Worse then they!”

    Jude Law - Robinson
    Grigoriy Dobrygin - Morozov
  • - Felix Woods: You know that song, "Pocketful of Dreams"?
    - Band Member: Down here we call it "Pocketful of Ass".

    Colin Hanks - Felix Woods
    Jack Thomas Babcock - Love Scud Boy Band Member #1
    [Tag:dreams, songs]
  • “You don't think much of me, Captain Morgan. You're wondering why they have chosen me for this mission. I wonder too. As you know, I'm not a brave man. On the contrary, I'm always frightened. I wish I could borrow your nature for a while, Captain.”

    Walter Szurovy - Paul de Bursac
    [Tag:courage, envy, fear]
  • “- Charlene 'Charlie' McGee: Where's my father?
    - Captain Hollister: He's fine. He's happy, and he sends his love, and he wants you to cooperate with us.
    - Charlene 'Charlie' McGee: You're a liar!
    - Captain Hollister: Now, what kinda talk is that from a nice little girl like you?
    - Charlene 'Charlie' McGee: Go to Hell!”

    Drew Barrymore - Charlene 'Charlie' McGee
    Martin Sheen - Captain Hollister
  • “- Haley Sullivan: And I wanna get it on with three guys at the same time, 'cause I can!
    - Claire Foster: Three guys at once? That's a nightmare. That is literally a recurring stress dream that I have. I can only think of jobs for two. Oh, no, I got it.
    - Haley Sullivan: Yeah, there's that one.”

    Kristen Wiig - Haley Sullivan
    Tina Fey - Claire Foster
    [Tag:dreams, sex, stress]
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