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  • “All men are born to die. We know it. We carry it with us always. If your day be today, so be it. Mine will be tomorrow. Or mine today and yours tomorrow. It matters not. What matters is that you know, in your hearts, that today you are that kingdom united. You are England. Each and every one of you. England is you. And it is the space between...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Timothée Chalamet - Hal
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  • “Do you want to know why most people live and die without accomplishing a single damn thing? It’s because they’ve lost their imaginations. They’ll complacently waste their entire lives unashamed of the fact that all they’ll ever add to the world is shit. Such people are little more than cattle. They can’t even comprehend greatness, not even when...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Tsuguo Mogami - Keith Shardis
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  • From the TV Series: Narcos
    “I don’t want to be good. I am going to be great.”
    Wagner Moura - Pablo Escobar
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  • “Pretty good is not good enough, I want to be great.”
    Sandra Oh - Dr. Cristina Yang
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