Swallows quotes

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  • “- Johnny: How did you get out of those hand cuffs?
    - Lt. Spence: I had a key.
    - Johnny: Where, we searched you?
    - Lt. Spence: I swallowed it last Tuesday.
    - Adam: How'd you know you were gonna need it?
    - Lt. Spence: I swallow it every Tuesday.”

    Ernie Reyes Jr. - Johnny
    Tone Loc - Lieutenant Spence
    Nicolas Cowan - Adam
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  • - James Earl: Detective Harry Ball?
    - Detective Harry Ball: Who the hell is this?
    - James Earl: Just call me "Deep Throat".
    - Detective Harry Ball: You expect me to swallow that?

    Lee Arenberg - James Earl
    Brion James - Detective Harry Ball
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