“Dirt Merchant” quotes

Movie Dirt Merchant
Title Dirt Merchant
Year 1999
Director B.J. Nelson
Genre Comedy
All actors – Danny Masterson, David Faustino, David DeLuise, Julie Benz, Jenna Jameson, Brion James, Tim Thomerson, Anthony Michael Hall, Dale Godboldo, Carlos Alazraqui, Lisa Arch, Lee Arenberg
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  • “- Holly So Tightly: Johnny, Eric, Bart... they didn't love me. All they wanted was sex!
    - Dirt Merchant: You're a fucking porn star. What the hell do you expect?
    - Holly So Tightly: I'm not a whore! Like help put my career, some real respect, and maybe a half decent orgasm once in a while!”

    Jenna Jameson - Holly So Tightly
    Danny Masterson - Dirt Merchant
  • “- Dirt Merchant: Unbelievable!
    - Holly So Tightly: What is?
    - Dirt Merchant: You've humped half of my record collection.”

    Danny Masterson - Dirt Merchant
    Jenna Jameson - Holly So Tightly
    [Tag:musicians, sex]
  • ...And how does it feel to be called "the biggest star fucker in the business"?

    Lisa Arch - XTV Reporter
  • “You have the right to shut up. Anything you say, can and will piss me off! If you can't afford a shyster attorney, we will assign you an overworked loser, who doesn't give a shit and will screw up your case anyway. Now, do you understand your rights?”

    Brion James - Detective Harry Ball
    [Tag:lawyers, rights]
  • Watching her reminded me of something Sly would have said: "There's no such thing as fake tits".

    Danny Masterson - Dirt Merchant
  • - James Earl: Detective Harry Ball?
    - Detective Harry Ball: Who the hell is this?
    - James Earl: Just call me "Deep Throat".
    - Detective Harry Ball: You expect me to swallow that?

    Lee Arenberg - James Earl
    Brion James - Detective Harry Ball
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  • “- Holly So Tightly: I hope you don't mind me using you like a hapless sack of meat. But you know, sometimes a girl just gotta have it.
    - Dirt Merchant: Yeah, no problem, I guess...”

    Jenna Jameson - Holly So Tightly
    Danny Masterson - Dirt Merchant
  • “- Dirt Merchant: Wait just so you're aware.
    - Angie: Of what?
    - Dirt Merchant: That we're friends, just friends.
    - Angie: Whatever.”

    Danny Masterson - Dirt Merchant
    Julie Benz - Angie