“Dancin' Thru the Dark” quotes

Movie Dancin' Thru the Dark
Title Dancin' Thru the Dark
Year 1990
Director Mike Ockrent
Genre Comedy
Plot – Linda and Dave are getting married, but during her hen party she has many doubts. In a club she meets Dave, who's celebrating his stag party too. A band is playing and Linda notices the singer is Peter, her former boyfriend. The future bride has to take an important decision.
All actors – Ben Murphy, Con O'Neill, Peter Beckett, Julian Littman, Gary Moglione, Martin Newby, Leigh Price, P.J. McCartney, Keith Price, John Walsh, Eddie Hughes, Eddie Archer
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  • “- Winker: Wanna come back to my place?
    - Maureen: What for?
    - Winker: A fuck and a pizza.
    - Maureen: Is it a wholemeal pizza?”

    Paul Netterfield - Winker
    Angela Clarke - Maureen
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