“Hook” quotes

Movie Hook
Steven Spielberg directed this movie in 1991
Title Hook
Year 1991
Director Steven Spielberg
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Plot – Peter Banning is a successful lawyer devoted to his job, but he doesn't spend any time with his wife Moira and his children Jack and Maggie. One night, returning home, Peter discovers that Captain Hook has kidnapped and brought them to Neverland. Thanks to Tinkerbell, Banning reaches the island but receives a lot of mockeries from everyone, not only from Hook himself but also from his former friends, the Lost Boys, because he doesn't remember how to fly. Only through a hard work of body and mind, Banning becomes again the Peter Pan he used to be when he was a boy.
All actors – Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins, Maggie Smith, Caroline Goodall, Charlie Korsmo, Amber Scott, Laurel Cronin, Phil Collins, Arthur Malet, Isaiah Robinson, Jasen Fisher, Dante Basco, Raushan Hammond, James Madio, Thomas Tulak, Alex Zuckerman, Ahmad Stoner, Bogdan Georghe, Adam McNatt, René González Jr., Brian Willis, Brett Willis, Ryan Francis, Max Hoffman, Kelly Rowan, Stephanie Furst, Shannon Marie Kies, Regina Russell, Jewel Newlander Hubbard, Jeannine Renshaw, Rebecca Hoffman, Jeannine Wagner, Francesca Serrano, Kevin Gasca, Andre Bollinger, Lauren Friedler-Gow, Bryce Armstrong, Margie Takeda, Alyson Healing, Zoe Koehler, Scott Williamson, Wayne Aten, Michael Hirshenson, Jake Hoffman, Geoffrey Lower, Don S. Davis, Cameron Thor, Brad Blumenthal, Brenda Isaacs Booth, Jan Cobler, Ruth de Sosa, Stuart White, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don McLeod, Kim O'Kelley, Beverly Polcyn, Randi Pareira, Mary Bond Davis, David Crosby, Nick Tate, Tony Burton, Glenn Close, Nick Ullett, Matthew Van Ginkel, Ray Tveden, Kim Robillard, Michael Runyard, Gary Epper, Robert Amico, Jeff Bornstein, Jimmy Buffett, Lonnie Burr, G. Larry Butler, Brian DiMuccio, Carrie Fisher, Russell Gannon, Tom Hodgins, Rick Kleber, George Lucas, Bruce Mahler, Bruce Mercury, John Michael, Lisa Wilhoit, Mark Winn
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