“Our Lips Are Sealed” quotes

Movie Our Lips Are Sealed
Title Our Lips Are Sealed
Year 2000
Director Craig Shapiro
Genre Comedy, Crime, Family
Plot – The lively twins Abby and Maddy witness a crime and they are taken to custody in a protection program. The FBI sends them in Australia, where the two girls escape surveillance to enjoy sun and beaches, but the criminals are looking for them.
All actors – Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Jim Meskimen, Tamara Clatterbuck, Robert Miano, Jason Clarke, Richard Carter, Jo Phillips, Harold Hopkins, Ernie Hudson Jr., Willie Garson, Jade Bronneberg
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  • “- Victoria: Since when has she known how to surf?
    - Abby Parker: Since this scene apparently...”

    Jade Bronneberg - Victoria
    Ashley Olsen - Abby Parker
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  • “- Agent Kathryn Smith: There's always a girl like Victoria. Anyway, I wanted to be in her group so badly that I stopped doing all the things I wanted to do to do things she wanted to do.
    - Abby Parker: Let me guess: But you were totally miserable because you weren't being true to yourself.
    - Agent Kathryn Smith: No, I was so popular it was a...” (continue)
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    Jo Phillips - Agent Kathryn Smith
    Ashley Olsen - Abby Parker