“Blue, White and Perfect” quotes

Movie Blue, White and Perfect
Title Blue, White and Perfect
Year 1942
Director Herbert I. Leeds
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Mystery
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Plot – A group of traffickers smuggles diamonds during the war, but incorruptible Shayne watches them.
All actors – Lloyd Nolan, Mary Beth Hughes, Helene Reynolds, George Reeves, Steven Geray, Henry Victor, Curt Bois, Marie Blake, Emmett Vogan, Mae Marsh, Frank Orth, Ivan Lebedeff
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  • “- Michael Shayne: She can't do that to me!
    - Ethel: You can't blame her none, Mike. After all, she was caught between a stiff breeze and plenty of wind.
    - Michael Shayne: Talk English!
    - Ethel: You gave her a stiff breeze, and he gave her plenty of wind.”

    Lloyd Nolan - Michael Shayne
    Marie Blake - Ethel
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