“The Letter” quotes

Movie The Letter
William Wyler directed this movie in 1940
Title The Letter
Year 1940
Director William Wyler
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Film-Noir, Mystery
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Plot – Robert and Leslie Crosbie live on a rubber plantation near Singapore. One night, while Robert is absent, Leslie shoots Hammond, a young English Singaporean. Leslie tells her husband and her lawyer Joyce that she shot Hammond blindly because he wanted to rape her. However, while she is under arrest awaiting trial, Joyce learns that the widow of the victim, a local, has a letter from Leslie in which she herself invites Hammond to take advantage of the absence of her husband to go see her. The lawyer buys the letter at a a very high price and Leslie is released. After the trial, the lawyer has to justify the high price paid for the letter and Leslie is forced to confess to her husband that she was Hammond's mistress. Robert, overcoming the pain and bitterness, forgives her, but she cannot forget the man who she continues to love even beyond death, so she allows Hammond's widow to take her revenge.
All actors – Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall, James Stephenson, Frieda Inescort, Gale Sondergaard, Bruce Lester, Elizabeth Inglis, Cecil Kellaway, Victor Sen Yung, Doris Lloyd, Willie Fung, Tetsu Komai
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