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Movie Gilda
Title Gilda
Year 1946
Director Charles Vidor
Genre Drama, Romance, Film-Noir, Thriller
Plot – Gilda is a busty dancer who swears to take revenge when she's abandoned by her lover. Gilda gets married with the wealthy owner of a casino in Buenos Aires and runs into her former lover again when she learns he works as inspector in the casino. Soon the man makes friendship with the owner and Gilda tries everything to awaken his former passion back to make him not accomplish his duties. In conflict with two Germans, the owner of the gambling hall kills one of them and disappears. He's supposed to be dead, then the two survivor get married for interest, but the casino's owner suddenly reappears and wants to kill the couple. As Gilda and her former lover are saved by an attendant, they understand their passion is stronger than any other feeling.
All actors – Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready, Joseph Calleia, Steven Geray, Joe Sawyer, Gerald Mohr, Mark Roberts, Ludwig Donath, Donald Douglas, Julio Abadía, Enrique Acosta, Ed Agresti, Sam Appel, Sam Ash, Nina Bara, Edward Biby, Robert Board, Symona Boniface, Eugene Borden, Paul Bradley, Argentina Brunetti, Jack Chefe, Eduardo Ciannelli, James Conaty, Jean De Briac, Jerry De Castro, Leander De Cordova, Sayre Dearing, Jack Del Rio, Jean Del Val, Carli Elinor, Fernanda Eliscu, Anita Ellis, Herbert Evans, Nobel G. Evey, Sam Flint, Bess Flowers, Curt Furburg, Fred Godoy, Paul Gustine, Robert Haines, Sam Harris, Lew Harvey, Ed Haskett, Ted Hecht, Ernest Hilliard, Stuart Holmes, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., George Humbert, Robert Kellard, Kenner G. Kemp, Charles Legneur, Frank Leigh, George J. Lewis, Frank Leyva, Max Linder, Oscar Loraine, Wilbur Mack, Herman Marks, Alphonse Martell, Saul Martell, Frank Mayo, John Merton, Harold Miller, Ramon Munox, Forbes Murray, Ralph Navarro, J.W. Noon, Alfred Paix, Lou Palfy, Joe Palma, Albert Petit, Alexander Pollard, Albert Pollet, Soretta Raye, Paul Regas, Rosa Rey, Suzanne Ridgeway, Ruth Roman, Lionel Royce, Cosmo Sardo, Jeffrey Sayre, Leonardo Scavino, William Smith, George Sorel, Robert Tafur, John Tyrrell, Philip Van Zandt, Ernö Verebes, Russ Vincent, Blackie Whiteford
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