“Coupe de Ville” quotes

Movie Coupe de Ville
Title Coupe de Ville
Year 1990
Director Joe Roth
Genre Drama, Comedy
Interpreted by
Plot – Fred Libner lives with his wife in Florida and orders his sons Marvin, Bobby and Buddy to carry a ’54 Cadillac "Coupe de ville" from Michigan as a birthday gift for their mother. The three brothers have very different personalities and the travel is very quarrelsome. Marvin is rude and curt, while Bobby studies in a reformatory-like college and Buddy wants to get married despite he’s very young. When Marvin confesses his brothers their father is seriously ill, they strengthen their bond. Almost arrived at home, the pickup of a man crashes against the gleaming Cadillac, but Fred doesn’t even seem to notice it. In fact all that he wanted for his wife's party was the whole family reunited. He knows he will die but fortunately the scuffles and fistfights era is over.
All actors – Patrick Dempsey, Arye Gross, Daniel Stern, Annabeth Gish, Rita Taggart, Joseph Bologna, Alan Arkin, James Gammon, Ray Lykins, Chris Lombardi, Josh Segal, John Considine
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