“With Honors” quotes

Movie With Honors
Title With Honors
Year 1994
Director Alek Keshishian
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Near-graduate at Harvard, Monty Kessler stumbles in the snow and sprains an ankle, losing the envelope with the precious sheets of the thesis, which fall in the boiler room. Here there's a beggar - Simon Wilder - who refuses to return the envelope and so gets arrested. Simon hides the thesis and Monty pays the bail to get it back. He offers Simon also an accommodation in a van parked in front of where he lives and, after many vicissitudes, the two talk to each other. During the Christmas holidays Simon dies and Monty follows his advice changing his thesis, beginning an affair with Courtney and graduating brilliantly.
All actors – Joe Pesci, Brendan Fraser, Moira Kelly, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Hamilton, Gore Vidal, Deborah Lake Fortson, Marshall Hambro, Melinda Chilton, Harve Kolzow, James Deuter, Caroline Gibson, M. Lynda Robinson, Richard Auguste, Patricia B. Butcher, Mary Seibel, Mara Brock Akil, Clebert Ford, William Ashby King, Frank J. Tieri, Shanesia Davis-Williams, Rick Le Fevour, Sunshine H. Hernandez, Monica Rochman, Kurt Clauss, Claudia Haro, Daniel Blinkoff, Holly Wenz-Nolan, Richard Bednar, Heidi Bower, Curt Clendenin, Ed Cray, Greg Kohout, Lance Norris, Regina Prokop, Keith Schrader, Katie Wahlquist
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