“Murder by Invitation” quotes

Movie Murder by Invitation
Title Murder by Invitation
Year 1941
Director Phil Rosen
Genre Comedy, Crime, Mystery
All actors – Wallace Ford, Marian Marsh, Sarah Padden, Gavin Gordon, George Guhl, Wallis Clark, Minerva Urecal, J. Arthur Young, Herb Vigran, Phillip Trent, Dave O'Brien, Hazel Keener
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  • - Trowbridge Cadwallader Montrose: Have they found out who the killer is yet, Cassie?
    - Cassandra "Cassie" Denham: If they haven't, then my bath water's getting cold for nothing.

    J. Arthur Young - Trowbridge Cadwalader Montrose
    Sarah Padden - Cassandra "Cassie" Denham
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  • Aunt Cassie couldn't be the killer, because she's not strong enough to lug around a couple of grown men like a set of Indian clubs.”
    Wallace Ford - Bob White