“Road to Singapore” quotes

Movie Road to Singapore
Title Road to Singapore
Year 1940
Director Victor Schertzinger
Genre Comedy, Musical, Romance
Plot – Ace and Josh are two friends working on board the same ship and they enjoy the free life and wandering of a man at sea. Josh is the son of a wealthy shipping magnate: his father wants him to marry the rich heiress Gloria and to take his place in the family business. Ace also has a girlfriend; but neither of them want to settle down. To escape being forced into marriage, they secretly embark for China. In Singapore they befriend Mima, a beautiful dancer, who they release from the tyranny of her dance partner. They take her with them to the hut where they live on an uninhabited island. Mima is useful, bringing a little order in their lives and in their home. The need to earn some money and protect Mima from her persecutor results in various tragicomic episodes, until during a local party they are discovered by Josh's father and girlfriend, who had followed their tracks. Josh has to leave with his girlfriend and Ace declares his love for Mima. However, the couple is later joined by Josh, who has escaped once again from his responsibilities. Ace, aware of the girl's feelings for his friend, decides to step back and let the two be happy together.
All actors – Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour, Bob Hope, Charles Coburn, Judith Barrett, Anthony Quinn, Jerry Colonna, Elvia Allman, Johnny Arthur, Bobby Barber, Monte Blue, Harry C. Bradley
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