“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” quotes

Movie The Map of Tiny Perfect Things
Title The Map of Tiny Perfect Things
Year 2021
Director Ian Samuels
Genre Fantasy
Plot – The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is an upcoming American science fiction romantic comedy-drama film. The movie follows teen Mark who lives the same day repeatedly in an endless loop, until he meets mysterious Margaret who is also experiencing the same. They become partners and start to search together for all the tiny things that make that one day perfect.
All actors – Kathryn Newton, Josh Hamilton, Kyle Allen, Al Madrigal, Cleo Fraser, Anna Mikami, Vanessa Padla, Teance Blackburn, Jermaine Harris, Lisa VanAmburg, Daniel Scott Lumpkin Jr., Lydia Houston, Lily Lumpkin, Emmett Ferguson, Douglas DeLisle
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