“The Zoot Cat” quotes

Movie The Zoot Cat
William Hanna directed this movie in 1944
Title The Zoot Cat
Year 1944
Directors Joseph Barbera, William Hanna
Genre Comedy, Family, Animation, Short
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All actors – Sara Berner, William Hanna
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  • “- Tom Cat: I love you. When I'm with you, I am what you call a hep cat. I am hip to the jive. I'm in the groove, darling.
    - Toots: Now you're really sending me, Jackson.
    - Tom Cat: You set my soul on fire. It is not just a little spark. It is a flame; a big roaring flame. I can feel it now. It is burning, burning, burning... hey! Something is...” (continue)
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    William Hanna - Tom Cat
    Sara Berner - Jerry Mouse
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