“Jetsons: The Movie” quotes

Movie Jetsons: The Movie
William Hanna directed this movie in 1990
Title Jetsons: The Movie
Year 1990
Directors Joseph Barbera, William Hanna
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Musical, Family, Animation
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Plot – George Jetson and his family are transported to a remote outpost where they live many adventures. The hilarious adventures of the futuristic Jetson family arrive on the small screen in a fun film directed by Hanna-Barbera.
All actors – George O'Hanlon, Mel Blanc, Penny Singleton, Tiffany, Patric Zimmerman, Don Messick, Jean Vander Pyl, Ronnie Schell, Patti Deutsch, Dana Hill, Russi Taylor, Paul Kreppel
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  • “- Mr. Spaceley: Where's Jetson, and why is the plant shut down?
    - Rudy 2: It's the middle of the night, sir.
    - Mr. Spaceley: Machines don't sleep. Start it up! Every second lost means money lost. And money lost means I scream a lot!”

    Mel Blanc - Mr. Spacely
    Ronnie Schell - Rudy 2
  • “- Cosmic Cosmo: Hey, what's your name?
    - Judy Jetson: J-J-Judy.
    - Cosmic Cosmo: Well, J-J-Judy. We've got a date Friday night.”

    Michael Bell - Basketball Coach
    Tiffany - Judy Jetson
    [Tag:date, name]
  • “- Rudy 2: There's something going on here, George, the two sprockett lockers were unscrewed from the lock sprockett sockets.
    - George Jetson: Say that again.
    - Rudy 2: I can't.”

    Ronnie Schell - Rudy 2
    George O'Hanlon - George Jetson
    [Tag:problems, trouble]
  • “Why did you wake me? I was dreaming about sleeping.”
    George O'Hanlon - George Jetson
    [Tag:dreams, sleeping]
  • “What'll I do? What'll I do? I can lick this problem, but how? Think, Spacely, think.”
    Mel Blanc - Mr. Spacely
  • “- Jane Jetson: Hey Judy, wanna come with me to the big shopping mall tomorrow?
    - Judy Jetson: Oh I don't think I could possibly... What time does it open?”

    Penny Singleton - Jane Jetson
    Tiffany - Judy Jetson
  • “- Judy Jetson: Thanks, Dad. You're outer-galactic.
    - George Jetson: Yeah, I'm out of money too.”

    Tiffany - Judy Jetson
    George O'Hanlon - George Jetson
    [Tag:father, poverty]
  • “We rocket while we're rappin' and we're rockin' and a rollin' and we rocket the sprockets to Spacely. Yeah!”

    Ronnie Schell - Rudy 2
    George O'Hanlon - George Jetson
    [Tag:music, singing]
  • “- George Jetson: Hey, you've done everything.
    - Rudy 2: Everything but press the button that gets it all going. That's your job, George, and Mr. Spaceley says you're the best.
    - George Jetson: Well I wouldn't say that... but - well yes, maybe I would.”

    George O'Hanlon - George Jetson
    Ronnie Schell - Rudy 2