“Defying Gravity” quotes

Movie Defying Gravity
Title Defying Gravity
Year 1997
Director John Keitel
Genre Drama, Romance, Sport
All actors – Daniel Chilson, Niklaus Lange, Don Handfield, Linna Carter, Seabass Diamond, Lesley Pedersen, Ryan Tucker, Nicki Aycox, Laura Fox, Kevin Patrick Wright, Matt Steveley, David Tuchman
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  • “You didn't know she felt the same way about you... or if she did, for some reason it wasn't okay... thought that people wouldn't like it. And one day, after months, years, it's just another day, nothing special, just the two of you. For some reason everyone's out of the house. You can't turn back, you can't let go, you can't stop, as if you were...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Daniel Chilson - John "Griff" Griffith
  • - Todd Bentley: Are you like in love with him dude?
    - John "Griff" Griffith: I've never been more sure of anything.

    Niklaus Lange - Todd Bentley
    Daniel Chilson - John "Griff" Griffith