“Flodder” quotes

Movie Flodder
Title Flodder
Year 1986
Director Dick Maas
Genre Comedy, Action
Plot – The Flodders are odd people who have lived on a ground that is actually a dumping for toxic substances for years. Thanks to Shakie and the upcoming elections, the Flodders move to a beautiful villa with a swimming pool in the heart of the most exclusive district of the city. Obviously their life is a real catastrophe: hostilities and incidents occur daily; sloppiness reigns at Flodder's and what once was a luxurious environment gradually turns into a degraded one. Meanwhile the eldest son engages with the charming Colonel Kruisman's wife, their neighbors. Now everyone in the neighborhood is invited to the engagement party, because if there won't be a general peace, serious dangers will occur in the whole city. Gradually every barrier seems to fall apart and all the guests unleash themselves, drinking and dancing until the jealous and obviously drunk Colonel arrives driving a tank to break down by gunfire Flodder's house. Shakie thinks about Flodder's next accomodation: he's rich enough, and equally careless and generous, to own a villa on the French Riviera and offers it as residence to the group of crazies.
All actors – Nelly Frijda, Huub Stapel, René Hof van 't, Tatjana Simic, Horace Cohen, Nani Lehnhausen, Jan-Willem Hees, Boris, Wodan, Lou Landré, Apollonia van Ravenstein, Herbert Flack
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  • “- Ma Flodder: Where did you find that? That face I haven't seen for ten years.
    - Johnnie: It was under your bed.
    - Ma Flodder: Away with that. I don't want to be involved with your father.
    - Dochter Kees: Is that my father?
    - Ma Flodder: His father, not yours.”

    Nelly Frijda - Ma Flodder
    Huub Stapel - Johnnie
    Tatjana Simic - Dochter Kees