“Ghostbusters II” quotes

Movie Ghostbusters II
Ivan Reitman directed this movie in 1989
Title Ghostbusters II
Year 1989
Director Ivan Reitman
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Action
Plot – It's been four years since the ghosts infested New York and Raymond, Egon and Peter - this time with the help of Winston - have to go back to their machines. In fact, the heroes discover the origin of the putrid gelatinous mass in the bowels of New York, sign that something terrible is about to happen. But where does it come from?
All actors – Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, Peter MacNicol, Harris Yulin, David Margulies, Kurt Fuller, Janet Margolin, Wilhelm von Homburg, William T. Deutschendorf, Henry J. Deutschendorf II, Michael P. Moran, Olivia Ward, Mordecai Lawner, Susan Boehm, Mary Ellen Trainor, Christopher Villaseñor, Jason Reitman, Aaron Lustig, Page Leong, Mark Schneider, Valery Pappas, Catherine Reitman, Dave Florek, Richard Foronjy, George P. Wilbur, Sharon Kramer, Walter Flanagan, Bobby Brown, Christopher Neame, Judy Ovitz, Tom Dugan, Angelo Dimascio, Robert Alan Beuth, Ralph Monaco, Ron Cummins, Cheech Marin, Yvette Cruise, John Hammil, Ray Glanzmann, Alex Zimmerman, Brian Doyle-Murray, Louise Troy, Douglas Seale, Ben Stein, Erik Holland, Philip Baker Hall, Eugene Levy, Steve Baker, George G. Colucci, Cibby Danyla, Kevin Dunn, Donna Guidry, Peter Papageorgiou, Kariim Ratcliff, Ivan Reitman, Ira S. Rosenstein, Max von Sydow, Chloe Webb
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