“My Favorite Wife” quotes

Movie My Favorite Wife
Garson Kanin directed this movie in 1940
Title My Favorite Wife
Year 1940
Director Garson Kanin
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Ellen and Nick Arden are a happy couple in love with each other. Unfortunately, Ellen is on a boat that sinks and she disappears beneath the waves. For seven years, Nick cannot find peace and continues to wait for her return until the day he decides to marry another woman, Bianca Bates, to give a mother to his children. On the wedding day, however, after the couple has left for their honeymoon, Ellen reappears. She has spent years on a desert island, where the storm had pushed her. When she is told that Nick has married another, Ellen does not give up and takes a plane to follow him. How will Nick deal with two wives in love?
All actors – Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Gail Patrick, Ann Shoemaker, Scotty Beckett, Mary Lou Harrington, Donald MacBride, Hugh O'Connell, Granville Bates, Pedro de Cordoba, Jean Acker
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  • “- Ellen Wagstaff Arden: By the way, how was my funeral?
    - Ma - Nick's Mother: Lovely. Doctor Blake preached a wonderful service.
    - Ellen Wagstaff Arden: Oh, I wish I had been there.”

    Irene Dunne - Ellen Wagstaff Arden
    Ann Shoemaker - Ma - Nick's Mother
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  • “- Nick Arden: The moment I saw you I knew...
    - Ellen Wagstaff Arden: I bet you say that to all your wives.”

    Cary Grant - Nick Arden
    Irene Dunne - Ellen Wagstaff Arden