“The Making of '...And God Spoke'” quotes

Movie The Making of '...And God Spoke'
Title The Making of '...And God Spoke'
Year 1993
Director Arthur Borman
Genre Comedy
All actors – Michael Riley, Stephen Rappaport, Tamara Mello, Ashlie Rhey, Monique Parent, Lisa Comshaw, Jen Sung, Daniel Tisman, Tino Orsini, Jason Edwards, Peter Macdissi, Nathalie Canessa-White
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  • “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be our film. And with good shooting to come, this film will be done, for earth, and for you in heaven. Give to us daily your weather clear, and deliver us from downpours. Except of course days on which we shoot Noah. Lead us not into bankruptcy, and deliver us on time. For film is our kingdom, our power,...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Stephen Rappaport - Marvin Handleman
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  • “You would be surprised how well our films do in third-world countries.”
    Michael Riley - Clive Walton
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  • “Just last week I got a $1000 check from my oldest son. He asked me to sign it and send it back.”
    Soupy Sales - Moses
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